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I’d like to share my personal feel good, well-being concoctions and tips which I’ve tried, tested and recommend for keeping cool in hot weather at night. May they be helpful in the heatwave for all my dear friends and readers.

I have a little cooler bag kept cold by ice packs, in which I have all my "keep cool essentials", that I take to bed with me.

I always set aside a few bags of cheap frozen peas for keeping me cool, which I use over and over again by refreezing (I mark the bags with a permanent marker so they don’t get mixed up in the freezer. )

I love adding a few drops of tea tree or lavender oil to a couple of bags of biodegradable water wet wipes and freezing them, and peppermint oil is also very good to add for daytime use. Then a couple of hours before bed I pop them in my cooler bag. I use them to cool down my skin, applying them using a bandage method: they feel amazing wrapped around arms and legs.

Fill a water mist bottle with cold water and keep in the fridge till bedtime so it's ready to mist your face and body, and if you get particularly hot and bothered during the night. Adding rose petals and fresh lavender from the garden to the water in the bottle is a refreshing and calming touch.

Lightly misted or spray your cotton bed sheets and pillow cases with cold water, fold and place in a plastic bag, then pop it in the freezer for an hour or so before bed. Have a couple on hand so you can replenish if you get particularly hot during the night. I instantly cool down when I place a cool sheet over me.

A few hours before bed eat some cucumber slices or drink some coconut water and keep some in your night cooler bag. Both instantly hydrate the body and contain electrolytes which help regulate blood pressure.

Elevate your legs by stacking up some pillows or cushions, don’t forget to use a cool sheet over these as well to instantly cool legs. If your legs get particularly hot, use a bag of peas wrapped in a pillowcase or light towel and place under the souls of your feet or calves.... truly amazing!

Fill a bucket or foot spa with cool water and soak your feet before bed, add some Epsom salts which will hydrate the body and stop cramping caused by dehydration.

Wrap a bag of peas in a soft light towel or pillow case and place behind neck.

Refrain from drinking iced drinks if you are really hot, as the body has to over work to stabilise your internal temperature and the impact on your organs, which will make you even hotter.

Use lavender essential oil in a diffuser to create a calming and soothing atmosphere.

If you can’t sleep don’t panic, try all of the above and just relax. Eventually the body will cool itself down.

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