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Hello my name is Sheen and I am the founder of this Feel Good Science Resource Platform. I also the founder of 

She Effect Project Oxford and She Effect the product brand as well as many other feel good brands and businesses 

My mission is to do my best to connect you to everything feel good through my personal journey of finding my own feel good resources and compiling my favourite feel good finds! 

To me and likeminded people, feeling good is everything. It has overtaken the obsession that has long affected so many people; the obsession with solely focusing on what we look like on the outside.  As the old adage goes, “it’s what’s inside that really counts”.  How we feel on the inside affects how we are on the outside.

We all need aspects of us to be cared for, and our needs vary depending on what life throws at us, whatever demands and responsibilities we have.

So I wanted to create a platform where people can find honest, authentic, beneficial resources to help them in whatever aspect is needed, a “feel good search engine”.

A recognising and sharing of communities which assist people in feeling good and a mood enhancing, positive network. Somewhere that can put you in touch with what, and who you need to help you to feel good including at work or in business. 

Are you in need of some “me time” or a little pick-me-up? Do you need coaching in order to reach your full potential?

I love, good food, especially an exceptional vegetarian option, sleep is paramount especially the quality of it. For me therapeutic retreats and spa getaways are like taking a holiday for the mind and body especially when they are thoughtfully designed.

I also love and appreciate when a business, brand or resource is owned or run by a person who genuinely love’s what they do and goes that extra mile in customer care, it’s absolutely priceless!

I hope you enjoy this platform as I take the time  to carefully curate and share the most amazing, people, places and products who may enhance your daily wellbeing. 

She :)  Feel free to contact me directly to share. CONTACT 

Your Tailored Feel Good Edit - By She Glows It! 

With over twenty years in the natural well-being and beauty industry, I have effectively crafted the best quality experiences for thousands of individuals from around the world. 

I have written for hundreds of individuals in urgent need of tailored recommendations derived from my personal feel good experiences and years of knowledge and contacts in the effective self-care industry.

Now myself and a small team of experienced expert curators have come together to assist anyone who wants to access the best of the best in the art of finding their feel good.
I am delighted to share decades of combined knowledge in helping all to get their self-care glow on! Together we will share acclaimed, recognised and experienced individuals who can assist you to feel your best. 

Rewilding the art and science which will help you achieve feeling good from the inside-out! 

She - Founder of She Glows It! 

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