Are You Getting Enough Beauty Sleep?

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With the clocks next month due to auto-adjust don't we just love the thought of an extra hour under the duvet. We caught up with "The Sleep Doctor" Dr. Michael Breus to find out why it is essential for Brides-to-be to get quality sleep over quantity

We all know that sleep is nature’s undisputed way of restoring equilibrium of the mind and body, so that we can function at an optimised pace, yet 36% of UK adults (predominately women) are reported be struggling due to Covid-affected sleep.

Following a dip over the last couple of years 2022 has seen a huge rise in weddings, and most certainly that of pre-nuptial anxiety.

So, who better to guide brides-to-be with some sound advice, so you’re feeling fresh and alert whilst saying “I do,” than world renowned expert Dr Michael Breus - aka “The Sleep Doctor”. Having collaborated with leading luxury bedmaker Hastens which recently launched its free Restore App www.hastens.com/uk/app-hastens-restore exclusively with Apple with a mission to empower everyone to sleep better - He says, “I believe that everyone can benefit with the help of digital support tools to help induce increased resilience and wellbeing in the future. Crucially, sleep affects everything from how we think, to how we perform – especially when something is important.”

Bridal Beauty Sleep Facts

  • Quality not quantity is essential
  • Poor sleep results in Cytokine reduction in the body - a protein known to help efficient immune function
  • We retain 40% less information when sleep deprived

We asked Dr Michael Breus for his advice on how to ensure a good quality night's sleep.

Is there a perfect slumber time?

“This is somewhat controversial and has been subject to challenge since I started researching sleep. However, I’ve found that individualised patterns evolve over time and that measuring quality, rather than quantity is more useful. As a rule, adults do tend to need between seven to nine hours each night.” says Breus

Are there different sleep traits?

“What is interesting is something called Chronotype (Dolphin, Lion, Bear and Wolf) which is someone’s genetic biological clock cycle. In short, the body’s way of determining when you’re most likely to be awake or fall asleep. So yes, everyone tends to fall into a type which affects not only sleep, but mood, appetite and even your core temperature.” advises Breus

What are your top tips for Brides-to-be to get a better nights sleep?

“One easy way is to be consistent, by going to bed and rising roughly at the same time. Second is obvious but important, by limiting alcohol which robs you of quality sleep by increasing the likelihood of things like insomnia. Also, caffeine should be avoided before going to bed, as it reduces sleep time by up to forty minutes. Finally, make sure you’re relaxed, use low lights in the bedroom, and focus on calming sounds to induce the kind of sleep which has longer term benefits – both externally and internally.”

With "The Sleep Doctors" good advice now is the ideal time to put it into practice!  To set the scene and help you relax into a deep slumber, scroll down for PYW's edit of favourite sleep inducing products.

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Aromatherapy Associates, The Atomiser Ceramic Diffuser, £120

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Ren, And Now To Sleep Pillow Spray, £19 for 75ml

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For more beauty-inducing sleep in the run up to your big day, click here for more information on the Hastens Restore App. Follow Dr Michael Breus on Instagram @thesleepdoctor

Article by Lesley Chivers | 14th September 2022