Feel Good Sharing - Fibroids

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I would like to talk about Fibroids, particularly my personal experience with them along with my struggles with estrogen dominance.

I have been wanting to share my experience for so long, maybe it can provide some insight and valuable resources for those experiencing the same thing.

Fibroids and related uterine growths seem to be more present in women who have experienced prolonged stressful environments such as demanding job roles, anxiety a nervous or worrisome disposition and or prolonged emotional turbulence such as depression.  I notice that the body seems to hold on to trauma and griefexperienced in stressful situations which may be sensitive to each individuals personal make up. (Based on my personal 20 year observed opinion only)

Although many women experience these growths and related uterine challenges, it still seems taboo to talk about uterine challenges and the health decline surrounding this topic.

My experience has been life changing and since there seems to still be a lot of obscurity on the topic I wanted to share my personal experiences and resources which have greatly helped mewith this issue. Read More

I am writing a journal on this platform to talk about Fibroids, share valuable resources and professional experts as well as effective products and services.


I hope my journal and She Glows It!  referrals may be resourceful, keep posted.