Wild Thing!

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Hello, I am Alice. This is my Feel Good Journal where I will be sharing all my curated feel good finds from around the globe with you. 

am from Italy and have worked for many years in fashion for well known brands in the Italian fashion capital, Milano.

 A world of fun but so hectic that it made me sick, literally sick. So I took a break to dedicate to myself some self-care. I started studying about nutrition, in order to have a better understanding of food and the practising differforms of well-being techniques.

Mostly I have been practising to train my mind, which I must confess is always thinking and worrying, and dealing with constant anxiety. 

I am loving this journey which I am still learning and sharing with you, every day.

My niche passion is clean, sustainable beauty, with a penchant for textures and scents. I love to support businesses which are involved in charities, giving back and are responsible. 

All the products I test are cruelty-free as I adore animals, I am a determined activist for animal rights!  I also love creating memories and capturing images that I can look back on after for years to come.

My family and my dogs are the most important souls in my life. With enthusiastic passion I bring you ethical feel good people, places and products from around the globe. Look out for my curated collection coming this Summer for you to shop. 

With love,


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