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Introducing you to the first of Alice’s curated ethical products from around the world.
Sunshine In A Bottle - Biokern 

If I could, I would definitely bottle sunshine for dulls days and open when in need.

Vitamin D3 is an essential vitamin your skin produces in response to sunlight exposure.

Vitamin D is so essential for human beings, if we have too little, we may have problems with bones, muscles, immune system, and mood which leads to inflammation and pain.

We all have too little I guess, unless you are reading this from Jamaica!

Have you ever wondered how much of the supplement we take actually ends up in our bloodstream? It could be very little because some vitamins are not easily absorbed by the body.

At https://www.biokern.com

liquid supplements are designed with a UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY IN THE WORLD called MICELLIZATION.

What's it about?

It consists in ensuring that the fat molecules, or lipids, such as vitamins A, D, E and K, which do not dissolve in water, are converted - through mechanical vibrations - into stable particles of sub-microscopic dimensions, up to 50 times smaller than a red blood cell and 200 times smaller than a cell. 

This extraordinary process allows us to dissolve these substances in water and, given that the human body is made up of 70% water, we can assimilate them in a very short time: from 8 to 15 MINUTES and… without digestion.

Our own CELLS will ABSORB 99% of the vitamins, amino acids and minerals in the quantities necessary for our body in order to fill the nutritional "void" and restore the balance of all the systems of our body.

Extraordinary, isn’t it?

And so easy for kids to take as it s completely flavourless. And we know how much kids need vitamin D3 to build strong bones and, possibly, a better mood?

Question 💡 👉 could it be that teens are grumpy because they deficit in vit D? Kids in Brazil seems to smile much more 😄

Happy to answer any question and keep reading because I have more to show you.

If you wish to try, you can create your profile on the website ( and browse what’s there because it is mesmerising! ) + add my code 👉AA-KERN

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