Your Tailored Feel Good Edit - By She Glows It!

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Who We Are

With over twenty years in the natural well-being and beauty industry, I have effectively crafted the best quality experiences for thousands of individuals from around the world. 

I have written for hundreds of individuals in urgent need of tailored recommendations derived from my personal feel good experiences and years of knowledge and contacts in the effective self-care industry.

Now myself and a small team of experienced expert curators in the industry have come together to assist anyone who wants to access the best of the best in the art of finding their feel good.

We are delighted to share decades of combined knowledge in helping all to get their self-care glow on! We will share acclaimed, recognised and experienced individuals in the industry.

Rewilding the art and science which may help you achieve feeling good from the inside-out.

How It Works 

After a thorough consultation as a combined resource group we tailor wellness and beauty programmes including practitioners, places, practices and products for anyone needing practical support in finding or rebooting their feel-good well-being needs, emotionally and physically.