Stressed, Fat and nearly Defeated!

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It's day four of my second prolonged fast, and let me tell you, this morning feels rough—rough like a "hair of the dog" kind of rough!

I've decided to pen down this journal because nobody truly prepares you for the profound experience of resetting your body. It's a journey of purging decades-worth of accumulated toxins, breaking destructive habits, and releasing the weight of negative emotional baggage. Yet, not a single soul utters a word about it. Instead, social media bombards us with instantaneous before-and-after transformations, making it seem as if a mere snap of the fingers can accomplish the task. But here I am, on day four, feeling utterly drained and brink defeat!

Without delving too much into the specifics of my growing list of ailments, stress-related health challenges, and autoimmune struggles, let's just say it was high time for a wake-up call. If I continued down the same path, the consequences for my health would be dangerously severe.

So here I am, ready to give it my all and regain control over my health and mental well-being.

I invite you to join me on this journey—a journey from stressed, overweight, and nearly defeated to finding my way back to finding my feel good again!  Follow my Journal 



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