Floating On Cloud Twelve - Notting Hill

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Last week some members of our Feel Good Science team met a humble legend in the well-being industry.

We would like to shine a spotlight on amazing Herbalist, Visionary and Dynamic CEO, Jenya Di Pierro.
This wonderful women is one of the most admirable and interesting persons in the new and recognised space of feel good wellness. It is a true pleasure to know and share such a remarkable contributor to the industry of better self-care.

Jenya is the brainchild of Cloud Twelve which is a one-of-a-kind wellness and lifestyle concept in the heart of Notting Hill, extending over three fabulous floors of utter feel good-ness!

We are delighted to introduce you to something new and feel good changing about this stunning venue and it’s wonderful owner each month, effective therapies and services as well as events and upcoming news, especially where and how you can learn more about Jenya’s Wellness services and concept expansions.  

We will certainly have you floating on Cloud Twelve and all it has to offer, so follow our feel good series here.  You can also follow @cloudtwelve and @jenyadipierro for direct Instagram updates. Click the image below to go straight to Clould Twelve website.