Feel Good With Modern Botany

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Tracey Woodward (yes I’m industry legend name dropping this awesome women) a curator in all things feel good and an amazing inspiring lady as well, one deserving her very own exclusive feel good blog feature which I am excited to say, is coming very soon to Feel Good Science, how could we not?

Anyway, Tracey introduced me to Modern Botany and in particular one of the nicest oils I’ve ever had the delight to experience , yes this oil is an experience!

Normally with oils, they either don’t absorb effectively into my skin or in a few hours I am just dry again!  I also like an oil which I can use on everything, hair, lips, cuticles, general dry skin, as a moisturiser on kids, friends, beards the works …everything!

Additionally, I don’t know about anyone else but when I’m using an oil I like to be teleported to my very own spa world, in smells, textures and feels, so I don’t ask much then? (Grinning) Well this oil is it people !!

Modern Botany is ethically stunning in my humble opinion, every time I open the bottle I feel like I’m supporting a feel good cause while enjoying the very best in natural feel good feels.