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Whole pieces of Certified Organic Adaptogenic Ashwagandha are suspended and infused within this botanical oil serum of Australian Native Sandalwood Nut Oil with 22 other nutritive botanicals and extracts. Designed to refine and correct, this adaptive plant-based serum is the meeting place between self-care and skincare.

The rejuvenating, adaptogenic benefits of Ashwagandha are transported in this whole botanical infusion, assisted by Sandalwood Nut Oil and its unique fatty acid profile. Combined with highly nourishing organic botanical oils including chia seed, sea buckthorn, tamanu and rosehip this serum can work to feed your skin’s cellular energy for better ageing. Rich botanical nutrients and antioxidants create a protective force field for your face and can protect the lipid barrier and can assist to correct and even tone whilst lifting, firming and refining.

We made Flight because we wanted a luxurious active plant nutrient-dense, organic and wild-harvested, adaptogenic botanical facial serum. One that is full of active antioxidants that can assist to holistically fight environmental stress. These supernatural botanical ingredients are made by nature and kept pure. Our skin is restored, corrected and nourished for a youthful, fine-textured radiance. The functional scent is adaptogenic and connected to the earth and we are both grounded and uplifted. Our stress is modulated by our body’s physiological response to these adaptogenic botanicals.