Introducing She Glows It B2B Innovations

We are super excited to tell you about the launch of She Glows It Innovations Agency.

This boutique agency helps to maximise your revenues of profitability for your brand and businesses through innovative ideas, product development, retail and data marketing strategies.

Founded and run by an expert Innovative Product Developer, Strategist and Marketing Merchandise Consultant as well as a highly experienced and professional extended network, this agency weaves together some of the best in the industry.  

It’s Founder has been a Product Innovations Award Winner since 2005 and is responsible for elevating multiple beauty and wellness products and merchandise. Improving customer interaction and experiences to increase retail growth across many niche industries. 

By providing an Agency we combine expertise with decades of the best expert contacts and resources in brand and product development, rejuvenation and packaging.

She Glows lt Agency specialises in luxury giftware, supplementary health, food and beverage, skincare, spa, well-being and medical plant Products and Merchandise. We also work with non related niche brands who have passionate Founders and a great story to share. 

The agency will lead and manage related partnerships and relationships for new product developments, brand concepts and their delivery; visiting and understanding supplier partners and their production capabilities as well as exploring future opportunities for innovative revenue streams.

She Glows It has been set up based on over 20 years acumen in the well-being industry as well as establishing and helping non related businesses large and small to maximise their potential through product and merchandise development. Working with many businesses and people on non disclosure development terms offering short-term or long-term strategic consultancy and project management.

We also hold our own personal innovative portfolio and products available for white label products and merchandising.

Founder ‘She’ is a highly skilled motivated self-starter, detail oriented and organised person, possessing very strong attention to detail; from product development through to brand roll out.

“My expertise in managing and working within a tightly managed budget, with exemplary project and time management skills. Good presentation skills with strong negotiation skills”

She Glows It Innovations, action, and establish business models for the development of own label branded products and IP plans, along with strategising effective product revenue streams for distribution and scaling up support of branded products. 

We love collaborating with small and independent Brands, Founders and their teams in the wellness industries, encouraging and assisting in accelerating growth for brands through innovative product development. 

Our founder also has educated skills in beauty, skincare, spa well-being , plant medicals, business management and retail as well as related and non related web design creation, SEO, consumer trends analysis and data systems.