Super Remedy by She Effect


She Effect pioneers highly potent super herbal remedies crafted to elevate emotional wellbeing with unparalleled effectiveness.

Introducing our best natural remedy blends for Stress Relief, Nervous System Support, Hormonal BalanceMood Enhancement & Better Sleep Quality.

Whether navigating through hormonal shifts, emotional challenges, seasonal blues, sleep loss or a temporary loss of mojo and focus, empower yourself with our effective herbal remedy blends. 

Elevate your well-being, find balance and help restore your energy, to thrive!


Our herbal remedies are concentrated botanical extracts and the most effective way to gain the benefits from herbs. Liquidised herbs also known as tinctures are the fastest way to absorb the benefits from herbal remedies 

Our super remedy blends with certified organic ingredients. To experience impactful effects, simply add a few drops to a little shot of water. You can also add to your herbal teas and natural juices.

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Four Effective Super Remedy Blends - Organic Remedies for Mindful Well-being 

The Foundation: Start with Cleansing and Detoxifying 

The journey to a healthier you begins with a clean slate. Cleansing and detoxifying your body is the foundation upon which we build your well-being. These blends are designed to gently remove toxins and impurities, allowing your body to function optimally.

Feel Less Stressed 

Stress is a common companion in today's world, but it doesn't have to be. Our blends contain ingredients that help reduce stress and promote inner calm.

Sleep Better

A good night's sleep is essential for your well-being. Our blends incorporate plants known for their profound sleep-promoting effectiveness, helping you enjoy deeper and more restful sleep, waking refreshed.

Feel Good Factor 

Embrace a journey of emotional resilience with our uplifting super-herbal blend, Feel Good remedy drops. Whether navigating through hormonal shifts, emotional challenges, seasonal blues, or a temporary loss of mojo, empower yourself with this positive remedy. Elevate your well-being, find balance and help restore your energy and focus, to thrive!