FGS Your Business

We provide Specialist Business Consultancy, Coaching and Resources which help you feel good about your business through providing the very best in business well-being.

With combined access to valuable resources and experts in their field, we are able to provide strategy and innovative direction, assisted by organisational well-being methods for you and your business.


At FGS your business and FGS Digital we believe in positive, productive and profitable results for all. We also believe that there is strength in numbers and that brands, businesses and people excel in  working together, lifting each other up to be seen and heard collectively.  

We encourage and strategise practicing healthy habits within business on a daily basis to assist in attaining a better outcome in both the emotional and physical impact your work has on your life.

Our aim is that you always feel good about your business.

At FGS your business, you talk we listen, we tune in and pay attention to exactly how you want your business and brand to feel for you and your customers. Listening and acknowledging what you would like to achieve for your work life balance, is paramount to us.

Our expertise is collaborating with small and independent, feel good brands, Founders and their teams in the wellness industries to accelerate growth of the brand. Assistance in product and new business avenues of development is one of our specialist fields.


How It Works

At FGS your business, we tailor sessions to suite the needs of you and your business, it really is, all about you! 

Introductory Sessions - Creative Chats/ Brainstorming

Explorer - Introducing Ideas, Resources, Referral Partners, Product Development, Planning and Strategy.

Tailored Packages/ Workshops/ Team Sessions - Innovation, Progressive Goal Establishing, Implementing and Materialising of Plans.

Feel free to contact us for further information or guidance on what would best suite your needs