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My mission is to offer a resource which connects you to extraordinary effective feel good finds!
Along with my expertise in this field I will share my own personal journey in findings and compiling my favourite feel good finds! 

To me and likeminded people, feeling good is everything. It has overtaken the obsession that has long affected so many people; the obsession with solely focusing on what we look like on the outside.  As the old adage goes, “it’s what’s inside that really counts”.  How we feel on the inside affects how we are on the outside.

We all need aspects of us to be cared for, and our needs vary depending on what life throws at us, whatever demands and responsibilities we have.

She Glows It Edit

With over twenty years in the natural well-being and beauty industry, I have effectively crafted the best quality experiences for thousands of individuals from around the world. 

I have written for hundreds of individuals in urgent need of tailored recommendations derived from my personal feel good experiences and years of knowledge and contacts in the effective self-care industry.

I am delighted to share decades of combined knowledge in helping all to get their self-care glow on!