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I was introduced to the best Homeopathic Hospital in the UK run by the NHS also known as the Royal Hospital of Integrated Medicine by a friend. My experiences have been so beneficial and exceptionally valuable that I would like to share them throughout my blog journal with you. (not all at once)

A lot of people experience Fibroids, my biggest Fibroid, one of 8 fibroids was 12cm. This one grew rapidly I believe from a stressful situation I found myself dealing with in 2014.

I got to understand that fibroids may have been  growing steadily since the start of my periods. 

This 12cm fibroid is hard, stony and heavy, it is a Fundal subserosal located in the top of my uterus in the muscle wall.  It has grown upwards pushing against my stomach, bowel and bladder, it’s a monster, super uncomfortable and draining to deal with but I’m fully sympathetic to so many other woman's stories that have experienced larger and more problematic Fibroids, symptoms and growths. 

Once establishing what it was I decided to see if I could change my lifestyle and maybe shrink the biggest ones to make any further considerations of surgery less aggressive and traumatic.

I also needed the time to research for myself the entire subject, resources and professionals available to me and my personal needs, both emotionally and physically.

As a person who has studied pathology my nature is one that wants to address the root problem of things related to health so Homeopathy and Plant Medicine was a strong consideration for me, it may not be a path for everyone depending on each person’s situation and personality. 

For the last few years since 2016/17 I’ve been taking a Homeopathic remedy from my consultant called Calcarea Fluor which I naturally stopped taking it in 2019 and switched to plant remedies, vitamin D and also a completely different diet and lifestyle change, including intermittent fasting. I also focused on my prioritising emotional health and how I deal with stress. 

For a while I combined both Homeopathic medicine and Plant medicine which was highly effective.  

There are over 50 Homeopathic remedies for Fibroids, so find a professional consultant when seeking advice and direction.  You may email me or use my referral services if you wish help in finding the best consultants and resources near to you.  

For me Calcarea Fluor WORKED!  It rebalanced my entire body and gave me time to understand the science behind the growths and the associated lifestyle changes I needed to make to help myself further.  

Homeopathy treats the body as a whole system and not just the symptoms of more serious underlying causes. For me it treated the underlying causes.  The process is progressive and requires a patient, gentle and positive mindset. 

Personally I would highly recommend Homeopathy as a treatment and referral resource for those suffering from Fibroids who want to consider a holistic approach first or as a complete alternative solution. 

Herbal Remedies are also super effective for fibroids and symptoms either alongside each other or as a self-care general body maintenance.  One of the most effective lifestyle changes I made was looking after my emotional health and using effective plant based herbal supplements. My fibroids have shrunk substantially and my estrogen dominance is under control. 
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Here is a small list of other popular Homeopathic medicines for Fibroids 

Calcarea Fluor is the best homeopathic medicine for the treatment of multiple fibroids. It restores the elasticity of the smooth muscles in the uterus and helps shrink uterine fibroids. In addition to this, Calcarea Fluor also subsides the pain and heaviness of uterine fibroids.

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Homeopathic remedies tend to balance the hormones, cure the fibroids and reduce heavy menstrual bleeding. They are natural, effective, with no side effects and can be used even during pregnancy. There are more than 50 homeopathic medicines for fibroids.
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There are more than 50 homeopathic medicines for fibroids. Some of the most commonly used preparations include:

  • Aurum muriaticum natronatum - The sodium salt of the gold chloride decrease fibroid`s size by treating congestion and induration of female genital organs. The woman may also suffer from depression, high blood pressure, palpitations.
  • Calcarea carbonica - fibroids in perimenopause with heavy menstrual bleeding Chilly, stout and slow woman, easily tired by exertion
  • Calcarea fluorica - stony hard and multiple fibroids, fibrocystic breast disease. The woman is also prone to joint pain or bone spurs, hemorrhoids, varicose veins.
  • Phosphorus - fibroids with heavy uterine bleeding. Anemia. Tall and slender woman. Open, friendly, anxious and fearful.
  • Sepia - pelvic pain or discomfort, low back pain, frequent urinary tract infections and recurrent yeast infections, vaginal or uterine prolapse. Reserved, tired, depressed.

The length of the treatment varies depending on the size and number of fibroids. In most cases fibroid-induced symptoms such as excessive menstrual bleeding, incontinence, and urinary frequency resolve within a month or two of receiving the correct homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy is a holistic treatment , therefore the homeopathic medicine not only treats your fibroid but also improves your overall health.


Studies suggest you can help prevent (and slow down) fibroid growth with calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. And if you already have fibroids, taking vitamins D and A supplements could help you shrink fibroids naturally. Finally, taking magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids could help relieve period pain.

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  • Green tea. A bioflavonoid in green tea called EGCG may help reduce the size and number of fibroids. This may be due to its ability to reduce inflammation and remove toxins from your body.

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