What is herbalism?

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What is herbalism

What is a medicinal herbalist?

Medicinal herbalist can be a person or brand work directly with plants known for their transition virtues and are backed by scientific research.

They have studied in both orthodox medicines as well as plant medicines.

What is Medicinal Herbalism?

Medicinal Herbalism is a science and an art form, the understanding of the body and how it functions in relation to its pathways of disease. The leant wisdom of plants and how to weave together the body and plants in helpful union in order to bring the body back into balance know as homeostasis.

Medicinal Herbalism involves Phytochemistry (plant science),

Botany, Pharmacology, Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry, Therapeutic Relations in Psychology, Maths and Formulations, Clinical Studies and Diagnosis, Laboratory Skills and Research

A Life Time of Study and Research.