The Effective Benefits Of Mugwort

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The main effective benefits of mugwort tea as a cousin of St Johns Wort (found in the same region) includes its ability to help improve digestion, reduce anxiety, low mood and digestion, help weight loss efforts, strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body. Mugwort is also effective in helping to ease menstrual pain.

You can drink Mugwort tea up to 3 ~ 4 times a day. It would be better if you drink on an empty stomach before meals because it will absorb well and can be expected to be more effective.

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Traditional and contemporary medicinal applications vary by culture but include:

  • Culinary: used for the specific purpose of aiding digestive, circulatory, and respiratory issues.
  • Moxibustion: where the dried leaves are burned on pressure points of the body.
  • Salve: directly applied to the body to treat bruises, itching, sores, poison ivy, eczema, body odor.
  • Tincture or Extract: taken orally to help fevers, stomach aches, liver complications, colds and coughs.
  • Essential Oil: studies relate various compounds within Mugwort oil to effects on blood pressure, tumor growth, and menstrual cycle, as well as anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, and antimicrobial effects