Finding Your Feel Good - A Healing Friend

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The pain from a stomach ulcer, IBS flare or any other digestive issues can be like no other!  As my aim is to share my feel good experiences and finds with you, let me share this gem I’ve always found to be an overlooked.

Introducing the benefits of Manuka honey.

Scrambling around in my stash of natural remedies to find something to reduce the unbearable symptoms of an IBS flare, I remembered this healing jar of goodness for it’s  profoundly effective benefits. 

Due to its powerful healing properties, Manuka honey is often used to treat stomach ulcers and indigestion issues. Using it as a treatment for gastric ulcers is the most popular usage of Manuka honey, as its healing capacity is said to be equal to that of antibiotics. 

A review from 2016 states that Manuka honey has antimicrobial effects against H. pylori. It suggests that honey could be useful for treating stomach ulcers. It has been found to be an effective therapy for digestive complaints ranging from acid reflux, gastritis, diarrhoea and H. pylori.

Taking Manuka honey is very beneficial in reducing symptoms and balancing your digestive system to heal stomach and intestinal imbalances.

Other facts 

Manuka honey from New Zealand, at concentrations as low as 5% v/v, completely inhibit the growth of H. pylori, and that 2.5% v/v partially inhibits the growth of H. pylori. People also use honey to speed up wound healing, including skin ulcers, burns, and wounds.

Research has also shown that manuka honey can increase gastric levels of certain enzymes that prevent against or protect against oxidative damage.

Take a tablespoon of honey daily before your breakfast. Try not to aid it to hot water as it reduces its powerful properties. 



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