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Introducing "Gallbladder Care Herbal Tea" - A Nourishing Blend for Your Well-being!

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Enjoy the soothing benefits of our Gallbladder Care Herbal Tea, a gentle and effective remedy crafted with a blend of potent herbs known for their medicinal properties:

- Dandelion root tea: Supports the liver and gallbladder
- Milk Thistle Tea: Aids liver and gallbladder health
- Burdock Root Tea: Promotes blood, liver, and gallbladder well-being
- Yarrow Tea: Nourishes the gallbladder, liver, and overall well-being, with added blood benefits
- Cleavers: Supports the lymphatic system and kidneys
- Chickweed: Benefits the lymphatic system and colon
- Angelica Root Tea: Enhances liver and digestive system health

Our tea contains powerful botanical adaptogens, carefully selected to enhance your overall health and well-being. With approximately 60 cups per package, enjoy the goodness of two cups a day to give your gallbladder a feel-good cleanse.

For an extra boost, consider adding our "She Effect Herbal Drops," providing super plant-powered strength to your remedy tea.

How to Prepare:

1. Shake the tea well before use.
2. Boil water and add a leveled tablespoon or heaped teaspoon of the loose tea to a tea pot or infuser.
3. Pour boiling water over the tea and let it steep for 15 minutes.
4. Strain into a cup using a tea infuser, and if using herbal remedy drops, add a few drops as directed.
5. Enjoy up to three times a day for optimal results.

Caution: If you are pregnant or lactating, please consult your healthcare practitioner before consumption. This product is not intended to cure any disease or replace prescription medication. If you have herbal allergies, be mindful before consuming.

Remember, our herbal tea provides your body with vital nutrients and vitamins, supporting your body to work at its best and make you feel good!