Feel Good Pampering Treatment

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An amazing gift to yourself or a loved one.
This treatment is recommended by Feel Good Science because it is the ultimate body treatment.
After a long spell away from indulgent and therapeutic body treatments which concentrate on helping you feel good and in turn look good, this combined 5 treatment experience will have you floating on cloud nine.
If you like the best in hands on body treatments then this is the one to certainly try. 
After cleansing my entire body from top to toe with an absolutely stunning aromatherapy cleansing wash and removing by steam and refreshing hot towels followed by lymphatic body brushings and accompanied by a body Polish which is applied to the entire body. You feel utterly amazing and silky smooth to touch. 

An amazing body balm with acupressure is applied to all of the pressure points across the body and then an encapsulating full body mask treatment is applied. While the mask is on futhesoothing pressure point techniques are applied to the scalp, neck, hands and feet. 

Once the mask is removed I enjoyed an
luxuriously therapeutic foot spa treatment and a comforting cup of personalised blended herbal tea.
This is a treatment of pure luxury and the best pampering experience in Oxford. For days after my skin was so smooth and I felt really good physically and emotionally. 

Conducted Using Botanical Nature Remedies
“This is truly an ultimate feel good experience."

The Feel Good Science Botanical Indulgence is an encapsulating, mind and full body experience. 

2 Hours of pampering starting with an in depth consultation, conducted by She Effect Wellness so that your treatments are tailored especially for you. Each treatment is customised to a persons specific wellbeing requirements and includes;

  • A Wellness Consultation
  • Applied Therapeutic Therapies for the Body and Mind. Including A Full Body And Facial Skin Polish, Lymphatic Body Skin Brushing, Infrared Muscle And Skin Treatments, Soothing and Rejuvenating Acupressure, Full Body Therapy Mask, Hands And Feet Therapeutic Spa Bath Treatments  
  • Comforting Botanical Refreshments.
A mindful haven is created to comfort and refresh your entire mind and body during your feel good treatment experiences. 
We cleanse balance, restore and rejuvenate your entire body including your face. It is a complete holistic body experience based on your consultation and by using profoundly effective Botanical products and techniques. 
Experience our calming and relaxing signature scents and sensations from the use of Adaptogenic Aromatherapy.
Soothing 'pressure point release therapy' 
is used to rejuvenate muscles in the back, neck, shoulders, hands, legs and feet, leaving you balanced, restored and energised.
Indulge in our personalised botanical tea drinking ceremony accompanied by an optional botanical foot spa which is infused with organic essential oils and bathing salts.
The Feel Good Science - Botanical Indulgence Experience is conducted by a She Effect Wellness trained Coach & Therapist. 
To make enquiries, request a ring back and introductory consultation or for more information, please CONTACT US 

Locations; Woodstock Oxfordshire, Jericho Oxford, Notting Hill and Marylebone London UK. Purchase A Gift Voucher