Effective Botanicals The Benefits Of Cleavers

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Discover the Benefits of Cleavers: Nurturing Your Body Naturally
Cleavers, a botanical marvel, plays a pivotal role in supporting your body's well-being through a range of beneficial properties.

1. Lymphatic Health Booster
At its core, Cleavers excels at enhancing the function of the lymphatic system. By transporting infection-fighting white blood cells throughout the body, Cleavers facilitates the efficient flushing out of toxins, reducing congestion, and minimising swelling.

2. Urinary System Soother
Cleavers acts as a diuretic and possesses demulcent properties, making it particularly beneficial for kidney and urinary system health. Its soothing effects are valuable in addressing urinary tract infections (UTIs), providing a natural remedy for these concerns.

3. Multifaceted Properties
Cleavers boasts a diverse set of properties that contribute to its overall health benefits:
- Adaptogen : Helping your body adapt to stressors.
- Lymphatic Tonic & Cleanser : Supporting and cleansing the lymphatic system.
- Anti-Tumor : Exhibiting potential against abnormal cell growth.
- Anti-Inflammatory : Easing inflammation within the body.
- Astringent : Constricting tissues to reduce swelling in the body 
- Detoxifier : Assisting in the removal of toxins from the body.
- Alternative : Enhancing overall body function.
- Hypotensive : Contributing to lower blood pressure.
- Mild Laxative : Offering gentle relief for the digestive system.
-  Diuretic : Promoting healthy urine flow.
- Vulnerary : Aiding in the healing of wounds and injuries.

Elevate your well-being naturally with Cleavers—an adaptogenic herb that harmonises with your body's intricate systems to promote health and vitality.  Include Cleavers with other wellness treatments such as infrared saunas or lamp sessions, skin brushing and rebounding to see significant effective results in reducing cellulite, water retention, belly fat and skin firmness. 

4. Breast Cancer Support 
A 2016 study highlights Cleavers' potential in slowing the spread of breast cancer. Cleavers extract demonstrates toxicity against breast cancer cells within a short span of 72 hours, while remaining safe for normal, healthy breast tissue. For added benefits, consider pairing Cleavers with calendula, another lymphatic tonic.


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