Introducing Katie Wheater Wellbeing - Oxford

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Feel Good Science wants to introduce you to Katie Wheater, her story truly resonates with us and I am sure so many of you who are looking to find your feel good!

We hope to visit her practise in Oxford shortly and share our experience with you. In the meantime we are excited to read about and connect you to Katie. 

Katie Wheater - Wellbeing 

I'm 40, a year-round outdoor swimmer (I even have an old bath in my garden for morning cold dips), a Mum, a wife and one-woman business owner in Headington, Oxford.

I re-trainied in massage more than 10 years ago, before I had my first child, as at the time working in PR, I was seeing many women burn out. Flash forward four years and I had two children and was feeling rather a burnt out mum myself. Chatting with a GP friend, he told me the biggest group of patients he had were mid-life women whom he termed "the frazzled forties/fifties" - looking after work, kids and ageing parents. He prescribed them meditation!

My aim is to create a space and experience where women feel safe and held and can let go of everything they're carrying, even just for an hour, enabling them to the opportunity to rest deeply in their bodies and help clear their minds. A place where they can be vulnerable, open and free. Sometimes this means we may have a good belly laugh together, sometimes tears may come. They all are welcome. I don't claim to have all the answers and feel we're all on a journey with our own wellbeing.

There will always be things that throw us out but sometimes the tools and resources we have, can get us back to ourselves quicker.

My approach is to treat the whole woman, not a list of individual symptoms, so my clients leave feeling really nurtured and supported.
 I offer standalone or a combination of treatments and I also give wellbeing talks to organisations.

I loved this idea of self-care rather than medication and have decided just to focus on supporting women. I've always been a champion of other women in business and now I support my clients to find deep physical and mental rest and release through massage and and therapies.

Follow my Journal IG @katiewheaterwellbeing contact me directly www.katiewheaterwellbeing.co.uk or click the image below.