Introducing Georgia Gallacher And Her Stunning Feel Good Supper Club - Oxford

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Feel good food enriches the soul!  There is nothing quite like it and so we wanted to introduce you to a new and absolutely marvellous, feel good food concept in Oxford. 


The Supper Club Story

My name is Georgia Gallacher and I am the creator and chef of Table 13.

I have always loved food. All my earliest and most vivid memories all revolve around eating and drinking. At any given opportunity when I was younger, during my summer holidays, I would transform our house into a restaurant for when my parents got home from work. I would devise and print the menu, walk to the shops to gather my ingredients, and then spend the day prepping a feast. Food fascinates me – how the combination of ingredients in a certain way, can determine a certain outcome.

Travel has also played a major factor in my appreciation and thirst for knowledge surrounding all things food a drink related. I have had the privilege to visit vineyards in Australia and South Africa and seek out hidden food spots in Hong Kong and Austria.

They say, find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. This is how I feel about Hospitality. There is genuinely nothing I could imagine myself doing. I was born to go in to business for myself – and I was fortunate to find a business that would allow me to share with others my enthusiasm for things I find pleasurable.

My craving for adventure, food and wine is what first compelled me to do what I do. I am not sure I had much choice in the matter, a career in the hospitality sector was going to tap me on the shoulder even if I had not found it first.

To me, food is so much more than just sustenance – it is a source of enjoyment, creativity, fun and friendship. This trumps all and therefore I have created Table 13. I want to bring all my learning and experiences together and there is no better place to do that, than in my home of Oxford.

My supper club will take place at my home in Wheatley, on one large dining table. I hope to bring all the elegance of fine dining to my food and serve it within the relaxed nature of my home kitchen.

Why Plant-based?
Firstly, I am not a vegan. To me, veganism encapsulates a lifestyle choice, which excludes using animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. However, plant-based eating is based on a diet rich in all things that come from a plant, and not from any animal source. It does not seek to advocate anything more or less. It is rather simple in its form.
‘Just because you can’t do everything, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something’ – I am not here to change the world or turn you into a vegan. I just want to share my love of food and wine and dispel the myths of plant-based cookery. I want to feed your imagination in a thought-provoking way – and being ecologically sustainable is just a bonus.

Why plant based, you may ask? Needing to face this query, as opposed to just doing what felt right, I have realised it is part of where I am from and where I want to go. Over the past couple of years. 

Meat and fish have dominated menus for years and we feel vegetables should have an equal billing, if not the starring role. This strategy is in response to the ongoing plant-based shift we are seeing in the UK and beyond.

If we shift our minds away from what is not on the plate and enjoy what is there, we tend to realise that plant- based food can also be delicious, sexy, vibrant, beautiful, and consumed without compromise. The reality is that plant-based food can be a challenge until you become comfortable with doing things differently.

The Menu
Most of you will have heard about ‘nose-to-tail’ cooking. At Table 13, I want to cook ‘seed-to-stalk’. I want to cook the whole plant. Stems, leaves, pods, and trimmings. Even the smallest parts of the plant can be used as a component to a larger dish. Foraging is a favourite past time of mine and I have already been fermenting and pickling anything I can get my hands on, which will be featuring on the menu heavily.
The food menu is exclusively plant-based, utilising the finest seasonal ingredients I can source from Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas. I want to work closely with local farmers and producers to keep food miles to a minimum and showcase the wonderful businesses in the area. I am so excited to immerse myself in the diverse food culture of Oxford and create personal and professional connections with the amazing producers and creators here.

Each menu will be paired with beverages. These beverages will include drinks created in house, wine, beer, and sake. Our drinks offering, has a strong focus on low-intervention production methods and have been sourced from small scale producers who represent the way we feel all agricultural products should be
made. With a focus on respect – towards the natural environment and everyone involved in the process. I have decided to offer a set menu with matching beverages as I feel they go hand in hand and there is something so intriguing about tasting the effect a dish can have on a drink and vice versa. Additionally, I want to use this platform to bring lesser-known varieties and regions into the limelight and give an opportunity for customers to sample drinks they may never have chosen beforehand.
Our menu and matching beverages will change monthly. Throughout that period, there may be minor alterations, with respect to availability of produce.

‘Table 13 is about surprising people, not lecturing them. Simply, food is a journey, not a destination. So above all, I will enjoy making it and I hope you will enjoy eating it’.

How Table 13 allows customers to feel good?

Try us and see! 

I just want to share my love of food and wine and dispel the myths of plant-based cookery. I want to feed your imagination in a thought-provoking way – and being ecologically sustainable is just a bonus.

Exciting developments
At the moment, we are focusing on the creation of our monthly menus, pushing the boundaries of plant – based cookery and creating surprising and thought-provoking dishes for our guests.
Over the coming months, we will be popping up at different venues within Oxfordshire and working on exciting collaborations with like-minded businesses in Oxfordshire and beyond.
We have also been developing our own range of plant-based cheese, handmade in house, which we hope to be adding as a permanent course on our menu.
This really is just the beginning of Table 13.
Contact Information
Email: table13oxford@gmail.com Telephone: 07943 957770 Instagram: table_13_oxford Website: table13oxford.uk