To Gallbladder Or Not To Gallbladder That Is The Question - Part 3

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Summary And Conclusion

Gallbladder and kidney health mainly comes down to the nutritional value and support of the bodies microbiome

Gallbladder operations are recommended because generally at the age most people experience difficulties and complications navigating their health, particularly in the case of gallstones, it is probably highly unlikely they will be disciplined enough to overhaul their diet and lifestyle to impact this problem long term.

It is possible to significantly break down and reduce gallstones forming through a disciplined diet and natural health maintenance. Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Reflexology and Plant Supplementations are effective but only in assistance to a supportive nutritional diet plan.

In Part 4 I will cover my researched finds on some of the best people and products in those industries. If you would like some assistance in finding your feel good and navigating natural health resources get in touch