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Creating Feel Good Environments 

Richard Rothmore has a transformative and unique skill, he is an interiors, architecture and lifestyle photographer who’s specialist focus is representing homes and commercial spaces which help people feel good.

 Feel Good Talented 

Manchester born but raised in the hills of Cumbria, Richard now calls London home. 

Richard’s photography is informed by his background in Quantity Surveying which gives him a keen eye for the finer details and breadth of a project. Over the last 10 years his collaboration with his clients have enhanced his understanding of space, composition, form and ideas behind the design in relation to the architecture he photographs.

Service list: interior photography, london architectural photography, interior video, Matterport 3D virtual tours, advertisement photography, hotel photography, london and international photographer.

A few quick facts:

  • lived in Kathmandu and speaks Nepali

  • started off photographing jewellery at Debeers before moving into architecture

  • possibly loves dogs more than photography

He is always one phone call away from photographing the next project. His friends say that he is rather lucky, He tends to agree!

Keep up with Richard on his IG channel @ r.s.rothmore  We will be sharing Richards feel good spaces right here on Feel Good Science for you to enjoy.  

Based in London

Commissions throughout the UK and internationally

Website www.rothmore.com