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An amazing new feel good Blog and IG TV series coming to you from the amazing Amanda Daniel, Founder of My Tribe Type and Provenance Saisonniere.

Stress plays a major role in skin health. It can contribute to inflammation, wreak havoc on our hormones and our ability to heal so when we experience stress it can cause imbalances that often show up on our skin. Adaptogens can help our bodies maintain a level playing field by modulating our response to stress with holistic benefits for body and mind. We have incorporated adaptogens into our pure herbal blends and more recently our Adaptogenic Beauty and Scent range as part of our daily rituals for stress protection. Less stress means more glow.

Adaptogens are select plants that have learned to thrive in harsh, stressful environments, as such they are the perfect plant-based ingredient and have been traditionally used both as a topical and edible solution to achieve wellness and balance, inside and out. Known for their often high antioxidant profile and protective qualities they are the ultimate nourishing elements in our Adaptogenic Face Oil and Serum. Beyond body, to mind, their unique scent profile can provide stress relief and promote clarity, grounding and invigorating calm. A signature scent created by our founder Amanda Daniel, Sun on the Grass is our first Adaptogenic Perfume Oil. It is a unisexy, magnetic, adaptive combination of holy basil, cardamom, vetiver and more designed to be an empowering release into your space and sense of being.

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Vegan, cruelty-free, adaptogenic, certified organic ingredients, micro-batch made in Australia. No synthetics, no parabens, no phthalates, no artificial fragrance, no artificial preservatives.